What is Yape-Cases?

Yape-cases is a gamified product that we are continuing to develop. We are integrating the system that is in many games in the world with our own style into the web3 world.

How it works?

We have 4 different cases. Each case has different values of rewards. The value of the prizes will change according to the key price. You can win keys from cases, or craft keys by combining key pieces that come from cases.

Yape owners can claim a key and key pieces weekly based on the number of yapes they have.

There may be changes in this section.

What type of prizes are in the cases?

NFTs, different coins ($ape, $eth, $xrp, $doge...), merch packages, website balances, 1/1 artworks, key pieces, and keys.

Current Status:

  • Front end development:


  • Backend development:


  • Collabs & Partnerships:

    In Progress

  • Case inventory: