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A collection of 6k randomly generated NFTs

High Flash People Portraits Person Holding a Smartphone

Pixel-Perfect Art

Yapes exude a distinct blend of uniqueness, forthrightness, and fearlessness, which is beautifully showcased through their artistic representation. Each character is meticulously crafted with utmost attention and precision. Yapes effortlessly infuse a revitalizing aura, providing a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Building Community

Our community possesses an unyielding bravery, fearlessly voicing their opinions and questioning the established norms. The unwavering focus on our community remains our foremost objective. Our sole purpose is to serve them selflessly, equipping them with the necessary resources to transcend their boundaries and unlock their true potential.

No Cutting Corners

We thrive on experimentation, embracing innovation, and fearlessly adapting our approach when necessary. We construct our foundation with confidence, relying on our exceptional talent to create remarkable outcomes that push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Endless Possibilities With Innovation

The Yung Apes Collections is poised to embark on a web2 expansion journey, leveraging our brand to introduce an array of captivating offerings, including vinyl figurines, stylish apparel, and accessories.

Moreover, we have ambitious plans to delve into the realms of animation, video game development, comic book creation, and plush toy manufacturing, enhancing our presence across multiple mediums of entertainment and merchandise.

Top 5 Most Rare

The 5 most rare Yung Apes in a collection of over 6,000

Yung Ape #6247

Yung Ape #6058

Yung Ape #5683

Yung Ape #250

Logistics Tracking


We have a new team as of summer of 2023, that is dedicated to rebuilding the project.

cuzzn dread

project lead






artist / illustrator

yung ape squad

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